Tecton Limited
 is a value-added partner in the real estate and building construction cluster.

Our mission is to improve the design, quality, management as well as development potential, sustainability, profitability & ROI (in the meantime reduce development cost, time & risk) of a building project in each stage of its total lifecycle, from the first beginning of Demand > Design > Tendering > Production / Manufacturing > Delivery & Arrival to job site > Construction / Installation > Inspection > Handover to Owner > Facilities Management & Maintenance via advanced technology, knowledge, tools and database.

Our targeted customers include Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Property Owners, Manufacturing Plants/Factories in HKSAR, China and any cities around the world.

The Chinese name of Tecton Limited is "天樂創新科技有限公司". It comes from ZhuangZi (莊子) "Chapter 13 與人和者謂之人樂、與天和者謂之天樂”.

“天樂” means that harmonize you, your thought or design with nature, you also achieve the eternal happiness. In which translated into our business vision, with Tecton “天樂”, we create and deliver business harmony to your projects.